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Some Do’s & Don’ts of Fungal Infection

Are you suffering from reddish round skin lesions that itch a lot?

Are they spreading or occuring again & again?
Are you annoyed beacuse of the amount of money & time you have spent to treat this Infection?
The infection that you are suffering from might be Superficial fungal Infection or tinea or ringworm or as we call it Daad.
So many patients come to my opd with the complain of this infection tired of its recurrence and frustrated because of the monetory burden on them because of this.
So, some awareness is required regarding its cause, treatment & prevention.

5 Main Causes

There are mainly 5 causes-
a) Poor Hygiene
b) Hot & Humid climate
c) Wearing tight fitted clothes
d) Low immunity
e) Any of your known or family member is suffering from this infection.

You Can Check Some Do’s & Don’ts of Fungal Infection by Our Doctor Dr. Isha V.Mittal

Prevention Tips

So, for its prevention & for stopping it from recurring –
a) Maintain good hygiene
b) Bath daily
c) Change clothes daily
d) Wash used clothes with warm water, dry them in sunlight and iron them before wearing them the next time
e) Keep your clothes, towel etc seperate
f) Wear loose cotton clothes so that sweat dries out fast as this infection spreads fast in the areas of body where sweat & oil accumulates like axilla, groin , lower abdomen area
g) If any of your family member is infected then get them complete adequate treatment from a qualified dermatologist
h) If you have acquired infection avoid self medication and over the counter medicines .
i) If you have acquired infection and you are taking treatment from a qualified dermatologist, kindly take adequate full treatment ( Avoid incomplete treatment)

A complete adequate treatment is required to fully treat this infection keeping in mind your body weight , age and other body issues.

Fungal infection treatment in zirakpur

Kindly consult a qualified dermatologist for the treatment of Superficial Fungal Infection.

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