Dermal fillers reviving the lost beauty and enhancing the features is the new talk of the town. - Skinzeal

Dermal fillers reviving the lost beauty and enhancing the features is the new talk of the town.

Beautifying and enhancing facial and body features are quite common right now as the treatments and procedures get more affordable and the craze for it can be seen quite often.

Dermal Fillers treatments are highly in use and preferred by celebrities as they are bound to stay in shape and beauty is not a joke for them. These treatments cure facial creases and wrinkles, working as a very effective anti-aging procedure. Fillers are inserted into certain areas to fill the creases and wrinkles, after which these gaps are not visible anymore.

Dermal Fillers are highly popular these days. No doubt dermal fillers has become very common among the professionals and upper class people these days as this allows them to be confident in interaction in their suite.

What is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are very much preferred these days as the process gets rid of facial lines, giving it a full volume and healthy look.

Growing older, our skin loses subcutaneous fat naturally and this causes the muscles to work closer to the surface of the skin which leads to visible smile lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and many more. 

These visible wrinkles are set back to normal by using dermal fillers.

How much does a dermal filler treatment cost?

Generally charged according to per ml which costs about 25000 to 40000 rupees, dermal fillers are quite affordable and reliable.

For filling under the eyes, only 1ml of fillers are used, and 2ml is required for the chin and cheeks area, 1-2ml for fixing lips, for jaw contouring, the amount required is 3-4ml and a full-facetreatment takes about 10ml of fillers.

The whole treatment takes about 30-60 minutes.

When do you need to redo it?

You need to repeat the procedure every 10-12 months. The solutions used in the fillers are quite effective for a long time, but after a certain period, you need to redo them.

Also depending on the expertise of the doctor you are consulting, the period between the first and second treatment might change.

As we all are witnessing the rapidly growing demand for these treatments, not only celebrities but people are going crazy for it.

How To Contact and See Results

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