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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

When we go anywhere we invest maximum time in doing makeup. Without proper makeup, we don’t go outside of our homes. Most of the time we remain confused while selecting the best lip color. Apart from this, eye makeup is too time-consuming. We spend much time blending foundation on our skin. The entire process is time taking, no doubt. Well, just think once if you get permanent makeup, you can go anywhere without spending much time. You will always look beautiful and gorgeous. 

If you want to enjoy permanent makeup, we ‘The skin zeal’ can help you. For many years, we have been providing permanent makeup to our clients. You can also enjoy this once you contact us. After getting this makeup, your life will be so simple that you cannot imagine.

Are you interested to know some popular makeup that we usually do? Well, go through the below points.

1. Microblading- It will give your eyebrows a new and natural look.

2. Blush lip look- It is one of the most popular makeup that people prefer to enjoy. It enhances the lip color and offers an awesome look.

3. Makeup look brows- For getting wonderful eyebrows, you can do this.

4. Natural Dense Brows

5. Eyelash lifting- This will give your eyes a gorgeous look that attracts everyone.

6. BB Glow Facial Treatment- For getting glowing bright skin, it is important to opt for this makeup.

If you want to enjoy these makeups, you can contact us. Our specialists are well experienced and their work will blow your mind easily. Once you enjoy it you will surely be impressed. Without spending much money, you can get an awesome makeover. So, what are you thinking about guys? Give us a call and book your date now! We are all set to make you happy. 



Microblading is a brow-architectural technique. It all comes down to deciding the correct shape for each face. Eyebrow mapping and designing done according to individual face and pigment is used to give more natural look denser brows.

Blushing lip

Blush lip look

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique. Essentially, it gives natural features to the lip color while also enhancing the appearance, adding definition, and give the impression of fullness.

makeup brows

Makeup look brows

It is a procedure used to create the perfect shape for the brows, allowing soft pixels of color to be layered onto the brows to create the perfect shape, resulting in a more ‘velvet' soft eyebrow makeup look.”

natural bows

Natural Dense Brows

It's a microblading technique that uses needles/blades to pigment the skin and imitate real hairs, making the brows stand out more. As a result, the brow hair seems to be natural

Eyelash lifting

Eyelash lifting

The form and shade of your natural lashes are simply enhanced with an eyelash lift. “Boosting and raising each single lash before tinting them for thicker, darker, longer-looking lashes” is how the procedure works.

BB Glow Facial

BB Glow Facial Treatment

It is an alternative to daily foundation. Giving you a clean Brighter skin without applying foundation.