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Permanent Makeup

When we go anywhere we invest maximum time in doing makeup. Without proper makeup, we don’t go outside of our homes. Most of the time we remain confused while selecting the best lip color. Apart from this, eye makeup is too time-consuming. We spend much time blending foundation on our skin. The entire process is time taking, no doubt. Well, just think once if you get permanent makeup services in Chandigarh, you can go anywhere without spending much time. You will always look beautiful and gorgeous. 

If you want to enjoy permanent makeup, we ‘The skin zeal’ can help you. For many years, we have been providing permanent makeup to our clients. You can also enjoy this once you contact us. After getting this makeup, your life will be so simple that you cannot imagine.

Are you interested to know some popular makeup that we usually do? Well, go through the below points.

1. Microblading- It will give your eyebrows a new and natural look.

2. Blush lip look- It is one of the most popular makeup that people prefer to enjoy. It enhances the lip color and offers an awesome look.

3. Makeup look brows- For getting wonderful eyebrows, you can do this.

4. Natural Dense Brows

5. Eyelash lifting- This will give your eyes a gorgeous look that attracts everyone.

6. BB Glow Facial Treatment- For getting glowing bright skin, it is important to opt for this makeup.

If you want to enjoy these makeups, you can contact us. Our specialists are well experienced and their work will blow your mind easily. Once you enjoy it you will surely be impressed. Without spending much money, you can get an awesome makeover. So, what are you thinking about guys? Give us a call and book your date now! We are all set to make you happy. Contact Us.



The eyebrow is quite important in our face and to look fresh, we need to keep our eyebrows in shape. So, frequently, we need to go to the parlour and invest a good amount of time. In this context, microblading can help you. It is a brow-architectural technique that helps in shaping eyebrows in good shape. You can save time and money as well with this technique. And, you will get flawless eyebrows. We, The Skin Zeal have been offering this permanent makeup treatment to a good number of highly satisfied clients. So, you can contact us for your treatment as well.

Blushing lip

Lip Tint/ Colouration

Every woman wants to get attractive soft shiny lips. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that can provide you with attractive lips. If you want to get a fuller impression on your lips, you must do it. And, for this purpose, you can contact us. We The Skin Zeal have been offering this service for many years, So, don’t think twice prior to coming to us. We are always ready to make you happy with our best service. You will get awesome looking lips that can enhance your appearance. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

makeup brows

Makeup look brows

If you want to get a velvet-soft eyebrow makeup look, you must opt for this treatment. Through this process, you will get the perfect shape eyebrows. This treatment permits soft pixels of color to be layered into the brows to make the proper shape. So, don’t be worried about contacting us. We The Skin Zeal have been offering this treatment to a good number of satisfied clients. So, you can completely count on us. Our experts are well-experienced and have ample knowledge. Once you get in touch with us you could not have asked for a better option. So, feel free to deal with us.

natural bows

Natural Dense Brows

Who does not want to get Natural Dense Brows? Everyone dreams of having this kind of eyebrow. To get Natural Dense Brows, you need to opt for the microblading technique. In this technique needles or blades are used to pigment the skin and replicate real hair. This will help you get Natural Dense Brows. For this treatment, you can contact our platform. Without spending much, you will get excellent looking eyebrows that will give a natural feeling. So, what are you waiting for guys? Thinking about the quality of our treatment? Don’t be worried! We have been offering this for many years. So, you can enjoy peace of mind, that we can give you the best experience.

Eyelash lifting in Chandigarh

Eyelash lifting

The eyes play an important role to enhance facial expression and beauty. This is the reason people opt for eyelash lifts. If you want to get an attractive look, you must do this. After this treatment, your eyelashes will look darker, longer and thicker as well. So, you can definitely do this treatment. and, here we the Skin Zeal are there to offer you a satisfactory treatment. Once you come to us and enjoy our treatment, you will understand the reasons for our popularity. So, don’t be late. Come to us now and get amazing looking eyes. You will surely love our treatment.

Acne scars in chandigarh

BB Glow Facial Treatment

Women leave no stone unturned to get glowing, spotless skin. This is the reason they use a good number of cosmetics products and home remedies as well. But sometimes they don’t get a satisfactory result. In such a situation BB Glow Facial Treatment can help them out. You will get brighter skin and this will help you boost your confidence level as well. This facial treatment is the alternative to regular foundation. We The Skin zeal have been offering this facial for many years. And, we have a good number of highly satisfied clients. So, you can blindly count on us. We will serve you the best.