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Concern About COVID-19 Impact On Your Hair Transplant Treatment? No Worries!

As in most parts of the world, in entire India, the ‘normal life’ has got changed as the COVID-19 crisis arises. Everyone is well aware of the situation and understands that it continues to stay vigorous and become a serious concern for all.

Why this blog? Well, the sole purpose is to convey the present scenario of the hair transplant industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this tough time, it is necessary to be up-to-date to ensure remaining healthy. 

So, let’s start.

Covid-19 And Its Effect On Hair Transplant                                                                                   

First of all, experts are indeed committed to the requirements of patients through a difficult times. Despite the effort and support of the specialists, people constantly have hair fall and scalp related issues problems. With such issues, they continue looking for assessment and guided assistance for the best treatment. No worries! Specialists are there for the best support and care, and they will continue to do so!

Almost everyone now notifies hair and scalp problems that subsequently bring anxiety and stress. And that’s where hair experts come with an excellent and effective solution that boosts confidence. What are we talking about? Well, a successful hair restoration treatment is the answer. Keeping the Covid-19 concern in mind, experts are now virtually available and addressing hair restoration queries and solving concerns as well as taking all practical measures.

Covid-19 Safety Practices At Clinic

Most clinics are monitoring the entire facility thoroughly and safely from Covid-19 as instructed by the local government. Keep reading to know what you can expect.

  • Pre-screening

Clinics start pre-screening their clients when the appointment is getting scheduled to check the symptoms, so you don’t arrive with any surprise (risk). The information is generally get sent via phone, email or another virtual way. If any patient reach with high-risk, virtual consultation or assistance would be encouraged.

  • Sanitization

Clients who have already visited such clinics, know-how such clinics work to maintain the cleanliness of the hair restoration facility. Clinics have amped up with the sanitation techniques between serving two patients at all access points and the patient care areas. Typically the area where they pay attention to sanitization are, such as reception areas, equipment, doorways, assessment rooms, labs, waiting areas, and treatment rooms to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus.

  • Social Distancing

Since hair transplant clinics are striving for patient safety and the cleanest practice, they have transitioned away from the greeting process following social distancing. In addition to that, they have removed newspapers, magazines and anything that could possibly pose virus transmission.

  • Limiting the number of guests/inquiries

Clinics are requesting patients to not come up with friends or anyone. They are strictly eliminating or limiting the number of guests to their facility and maintaining the protocol.

If you are about to plan for a hair transplant, there are so many clinics to make the appointment. But not everyone ensures as safety as The Skin Zeal. So, make your decision now!

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