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Eyelash lifting – Things You MUST Know Before Making An Appointment

Believe it or not, beauty matters a lot at this time. Whether it’s a special day or a regular one, you are going to attend a party or rush toward your office. And the pair of your eyes certainly plays a major role in your face, beauty, facial expression and more.

Unfortunately, wearing eye makeup (for example, applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, kajal and other eye makeup products) doesn’t always give the look you want. Or simply, you may not have that much time to apply all this eye makeup before stepping out of home every day.

In fact, sometimes applying, you just want a simple look for which applying eye makeup products are just not required.

An easy solution to this issue can be considering Eyelash lifting in Chandigarh. Want a detailed discussion? Let’s explore everything about eyelash lifting together below.

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifting is popular as a semi-permanent procedure generally mimics the effect an eyelash curler leaves.

It means lash lifting improves the natural lashes by providing an illusion that the lashes are more defined and longer due to the providing an excellent lift with very little to zero maintenance. The result can last between or even up to 6-8 weeks.

How does it work?

People are heading all their way to the 80s once again, especially for this semi-permanent makeup treatment. Think of the days when someone would walk into a salon and smell that someone is getting a perm done.

Consider lash lift as the perm for your eyelashes. Using a safe to use (or apply on lashes) chemical solution works by changing the texture of lashes to leave the form of lash curl. When the lifting solution is left on lashes for an ideal amount of time, the process will involve applying a neutralizing solution that will halt the perming process.

How long will the lift last?

Lash lifting is a semi-permanent makeup service. But, in general, eyelashes go through a growth cycle similar to body hair, and every individual loses about 1-3 lashes each day.

With this in your consideration, the lash lifting result lasts for the natural lifespan of everyone’s natural lash. So, when the mature lashes will fall out and new lashes will develop in their position.

Thus, you will naturally lose a less effective and gradually, no effect of lash lifting will be left. It will take around 6-8 weeks after the initial lash lifting. After this period, you will have new growth of eyelashes ready for another session of lash lifting.

Who would be a good candidate for a lash lift?

Unfortunately, not every interested person is an ideal candidate for a lash lift. So, it’s extremely important that you understand who can stick to this semi-permanent makeup treatment. Anyway, let’s tell you who the right candidate is for this beauty service.

Firstly, an individual with healthy and strong lashes who wants to make the eyes look open and pretty is a perfect candidate for lash lifting.

Apart from this, if you are looking for a lash service that is a natural one and requires low maintenance, you are the right candidate to step toward lash lifting. And if you are a mascara lover, good news for you – you can still apply mascara after lash lifting.

Everyone taking an interest in this service must know and be aware of the way that the results will turn out compared to lash extensions. A person who has short lashes may be able to see pictures of a lash lifting getting done and think that is an ideal option for them.

Lash lift vs. Lash extensions

Like any other beauty treatment, it really makes sense to make a comparison between lash lifting and any come to close treatment. And here, comparison with lash extension really does come down to preference. Both lash lift and extension have what people generally think are pros and cons. Then, without further ado, let’s go through the breakdown of each.

Lash Lift:

Frequency: Every 6-8 weeks.

Maintenance: Avoid water (getting lashes wet) or using any kind of moisture products for at least the first 24 hrs after lash lifting. Extremely low maintenance, people even apply mascara after 24 hrs.

Overall look: Natural, yet better. It gives the appearance a little but effective lift to lashes, making them longer and more defined.

Lash Extensions:

Frequency: Lash fill every 2-3 weeks.

Maintenance: Avoid getting your lashes wet and steam and any kinds of moisture for the next 24hrs after lash extension. Avoid any oil-based eye products and No mascara!

Overall look: The result normally is full glam and very natural. It has the ability to add length, volume, and more of a curl to the natural lashes.

 Hopefully, now you can decide if you should opt for lash lifting or lash extension. But let’s share information – women in Chandigarh tend to go with lash lifting more than lash extension.

Anyway, pick your preferred one and find an ideal beauty enhancement centre wisely. Contact Us.

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