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About to get your first eyelash lift? Read This Blog First!

So, you are not satisfied with your natural and real eyelashes. Nothing to feel down for this. Let’s share the truth! A great number of people don’t like their real lashes. They are also looking for darker and longer lashes like you. And fortunately, there is an excellent solution to this issue if you are looking for eyelash lifting.

Definitely, people who are not liking the length, volume of their eyelashes and the way they look with their real eyelashes can decide on eyelash lifting. To get more information about eyelash lifts, read thoroughly up to the end. 

What does a lash lift do?

 Currently, people are more interested in getting long-lasting and semi-permanent beauty treatments instead of using products every single time. And that’s what makes people turn to this treatment, like lash lifting over mascara.

By eyelash lifting, you will get lashes looking fuller always even when you haven’t applied mascara. Lash lifting essentially perm natural lashes. The ultimate result of this treatment typically lasts between six to eight weeks when taken proper care of.

A professionally done eyelash lift is designed to improve the way your natural lashes appear. But remember, it will not add colour, dimension shape, or contour or create texture to the eyes as a lash extension would. The real purpose of lash lifting is to curl natural lashes. To be an ideal candidate for this treatment, anyone must have at least 4-millimetre lashes.

This treatment tends to take only 45 minutes – 1 hour to transform. So as to set a curled effect on lashes, lash technicians work from the base of lashes to the tips to see the full length. And according to preference or required curl, the experts use a sort of different types of rods. Here, you need to keep something in mind – the longer the rod, the softer the curl. So, If You are looking out for chandigarh area, we, The Skin Zeal Is here to help.

Tips To Prepare For a Lash Lift

Even though falsies are trendy in today’s cosmetic and beauty world, they do not look natural. Meanwhile, drugstore products like serums may not be that effective in achieving expected dramatic result. Does it sound like the case with you? Then it’s time to take eyelash lift into consideration.

Now the question is how to be prepared for this treatment. Below is a quick list of ways to take preparation for lash lift treatment.

1.    Remove any eye makeup, false eyelashes and contact while going for the lash lift appointment.

2.    Avoid getting your lashes to curl the day before your treatment or appointment.

3.    Don’t use waterproof mascara at least 48 hours before the procedure, as it may leave behind unwanted residue.

4.    Those with eye infections (for example, pink eye) should wait until they get rid of it before the treatment.

What Is the Process of Getting a Lash Lift?

Every lash lift treatment starts with a thorough consultation between a lash expert and a candidate. It is to make certain exactly what style is expected and suitable for a candidate.

According to the picked lash lift option, your expert will use the suitable size of curling rod to lift lashes.

A lash expert will then clean the area around your eye and place a silicone rod onto your eyelids. And then your real lashes will be curled over and attached to a curling rod by an adhesive for setting eyelashes. Once your lash expert confirms that everything has been properly done, lifting lotion will be applied to the mold all over the curling rod. The next step will be applying a setting lotion to set your lashes to the exact shape.

Expect the entire process to take around one hour to complete. Some salons may ask for a patch test 48 hours before treatment to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the solution they will be using.

What happens after a lash lift

You can expect to leave the salon feeling excited about the new look you have achieved by lash lifting. Even though your salon expert will guide and instruct you about the lash lifting aftercare, it makes sense that you visit the salon with the best possible information. Thus, you can ask anything you want to know in detail. And also, expect to maintain and care for your lashes after lifting treatment to make them last the maximum time possible. Here are some aftercare tips below.


Day 1:

•       Don’t get your lashes wet or rub them for the next 24 hours of the treatment.

•       Don’t wear makeup products, such as face cream and especially conditioning oils.

•       Don’t use a sauna or face steamer.

Day 2:

•       Avoid rubbing your eyelashes.

•       Avoid face steamer and sauna too.

Day 3:

•       Don’t rub your eyes or eyelashes

•       Don’t make use of conditioners and oil-based products, such as coconut, jojoba and castor oil.

•       Avoid using a waterproof mascara

•       Use gentle foaming facial cleanser

•       Use eyelash enhancing serum that is oil-free

•       Brush the lashes gently to keep hold of their shape

With the information in mind, you can expect to have a great long-lasting result of eyelash lift. However, be sure to choose an ideal salon or lash expert for this treatment, and if you are looking for eyelash lifting expert in chandigarh, do surely contact us.

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