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Different Acne Scars Treatments in Chandigarh: Which One is Ideal?

It’s true that dealing with acne is frustrating as well as embarrassing regardless of male or female. While most people initially ignore acne, thinking it is a teenage problem, it continues to irritate as days pass. And let’s tell you, 10% to 20% of adults in Chandigarh, India suffer from regular breakouts.

Suggestions? Experts’ advice is to opt for preventing acne from forming. If it has already formed and caused an acne scar, the best way out is to treat it as soon as possible. What are the ideal Acne scars treatment available in Chandigarh? If this is your question, the answer is right below.

Different Acne scars

Before we discuss the treatments for acne scars, let’s have a quick glance at some different types of acne scars.

·       Ice Pick Scars

As the name suggests, this type of acne scar resembles marks left behind by thin and long instruments, such as ice pick. The scars form are generally narrow and deep.

·       Boxcar Scars

Unlike ice pick scars, these are wide and shallow. These can be oval or round-shaped. However, the sharp edge sets them apart from the rest skin.

·       Rolling Scars

Shallow, wide and with smooth edges, rolling scars create an impression of uneven and rolling skin.

·       Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic Scars, also known as keloid scars, are scars caused by the growth of fibrous tissue of the skin.

·       Other Marks Left Behind By Acne

Even though that are not a form of scarring generally, some acne lesions leave behind minor scars that look darker than normal skin tone.

Acne Scar Treatments

These are some popular and useful acne scar treatments in Chandigarh.

·       Dermabrasion

It is an exfoliating method that gets done by a small and rapidly-rotating device. It strips away the external skin layer. After treatment, you can see skin regrowth creating a new smoother outer layer of skin that is less affected by scars.

·       Laser resurfacing

This therapy or acne scar treatment involves a laser throughout the procedure to strip away the outer skin layer to stimulate new skin cell growth. This way, the new skin replaces the affected skin.   

·       Dermal fillers

A few types of cosmetic fillers are useful for reducing the visibility of depressed scars formed by acne, such as Restyling, Radiesse and Juvederm. The fillers are injected into the affected areas directly to create more even and smoother skin.

Numerous clinical trials have proved that filler can significantly minimize the severity and size of some kinds of acne scarring. However, remember that filler would not provide a permanent solution. So, you should repeat the process if you count on this acne scar treating process.

·       Chemical peeling

This treating process involves the use of the chemical solution for stripping away the skin’s top layer and stimulating new skin cell growth. The new layer of skin that grows back is even smoother and also reduces the look and severity of acne scars.

So, choose an ideal acne scar treatment in Chandigarh consulting skin specialist. Anyway, you can also count on us, The skin zeal. We will be happy to provide the satisfying ace scar treating solution. Decide QUICKLY!

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