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Thing’s you didn’t know about sunscreen…!

Are you concerned with uneven skin tone or tanned Skin!!!
Do you feel that your skin has become dull and you are seeing wrinkles on your face!!!
Does that make you feel conscious about yourself!!!

A lot of patients visit my clinic with all these concerns and when they ask me that doctor kindly advice me that one skin care product that I should include in my skin care regimen that would prevent me from all these concerns then definitely my answer is SUNSCREEN!

Sunscreen has mainly 5 benefits:-

1) Shields from UV rays
2) Prevents Premature Ageing
3) Lowers skin cancer risks
4) Prevents tanning & uneven skin tone
5) Moisturizes skin

5 Benefits of Sunscreen by Skin Doctor – Dr. Isha V.Mittal

So, why do we need Sunscreen!!
We need to protect our skin from mainly UV radiation which are of two types-
UVA radiation – it leads to premature ageing, tanning, agespots, wrinkling
UVB radiation- it’s leads to Sunburn, increases skin cancer risks .
So, we should choose a broad spectrum Sunscreen which protects us from both UVA and UVB .

How does these Sunscreen protect us?

Sunscreens have filters which either absorb or reflect these UV radiation. These filters are of two types-
Organic filters- they absorb UV radiation & convert them into heat. That’s why you feel heat onto your skin when you apply Sunscreen. Eg: Cinnamates, Benzophenones
Inorganic filters- they reflect UV radiation . Eg- Zinc oxide, Titanium oxide .

Another term that you should know about Sunscreen is SPF!!

SPF stands for Sun protection factor. It is measure to know how well a sunscreen is protecting you from UVB rays.
And it is recommended that you should use minimum 30 SPF sunscreen every two to three hours to have maximum benefit.
Tip – put alarm ( 9am-12pm-3pm)

Thing’s you didn’t know about sunscreen…!!!

What are water resistant & very water resistant Sunscreens!!

Water resistant sunscreen are the ones in which SPF is maintained in water for 40 minutes. Very water resistant sunscreen are the ones in which SPF is maintained for 80 mins in water. These are the ones which you can use while working out or swimming .

There are various forms of sunscreen available in market-
Spray and lotion Sunscreen can be used for larger body areas. Creams, gels , stick sunscreen can be used for smaller body areas .

What sunscreen you should use according to skin type!!

Dry to normal skin– cream or lotion based sunscreen ( broad-spectrum)
Oily skin – gel based or oil free , non comedogenic cream based Sunscreen
Sensitive skin – Zinc oxide or titanium oxide based sunscreens

How much sunscreen you need to apply!!!

For full body – your palm sized amount Sunscreen should be applied onto your full body
For face & neck – two finger rule ( middle & index finger)
Don’t forget your ears and behind your neck as well

For more aesthetic look – you can use tinted sunscreens.

Wear sunscreen and apply it no matter you are indoors or outdoors.

Hi, This is Dr. Isha V. Mittal and I hope this helps you all to know more about sunscreen.

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